Kristin Solheim

Kristin was born in 1972, and during her childhood she learned to play several instruments. As a teenager, she started to lead worship at church. She still loves to help people praise God. Nowadays she often leads worship and plays the piano at her home-church on the west coast of Norway.

At the age of 16, she became genuinely interested in music, and was inspired to study. While at university, she met Oddmund, a great pianist. They started to play together. Two years afterwards they got married and they still love to perform and lead worship together, just the two of them, or with their band. Lately they have also worked on and performed their own music. Kristin also teach music, singing and alpha course, but most of all she loves to teach worship and songwriting.

In 2005 Kristin started to write songs. During prayer-time, melodies and lyrics come to her mind. The lyrics are inspired by Bible verses that touch her heart, and by her everyday life with God and fellow believers. Her first album, No Ordinary Day, was released in July 2007. No Ordinary Day is a mixture between many genres of music. Many say they are encouraged by the faith-strengthening and worship-filled lyrics.

"In times of trouble we tend to seek God, and so did I. God is merciful. He met me and inspired me to write the lyrics and the melodies of these songs. I hope you enjoy listening to the album. I pray that the songs will bless you and draw you close to Him. Kristin S.” (from No Ordinary Day)

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