My church

2007 © Kristin Solheim

You’re the King of kings
You’re the Lord of lords
You reign forever
You reign forever
You’re the Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
You reign forevermore

You are standing right beside me
I hear You call my name
Your voice is whispering in my heart
Who do you say I am?
I confess that I believe
You are the living Son of God
Son of God
Son of Man
The great I AM

You are
More than a good man
More than history
You died
To conquer sin and death
You rose in victory
You’re enthroned
You rule the nations
You are Lord of all the earth
Lord of all
You reign
Lord reign in me

Every knee shall bow
Every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord of all

(Romans 10.9-10, Matthew 16.13-20, Philippians 2.6-11)

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