My church

2007 © Kristin Solheim

My church
You’re My own home
My family
A temple for My presence and My glory
I join you together
Like stones in My hands
Apostles and Prophets will reveal My plan
I am the capstone
You’re a house
For Me

My church
You’re My body
I’m the head
You belong to each other
By Me you’re led
My grace is upon you
Each a different part
Love one another
Live side by side
Be filled with My Spirit
You’re unified
In Me

Meet your friends
Share a meal
I’m always near
Celebrate My death and victory
Break the bread
Drink the wine
My blood was shed
My body was broken
For you

My church
You’re at battle
An army divine
Don’t fight in your own strength
The battle is Mine
I conquered the enemy at Calvary
Stand firm
In My strength and My victory
Pray for each other
Pray by faith
In Me

The gates of darkness
can’t overcome
A people in prayer
Fuelled by
My grace and by My Spirit
Feed the hungry
Tell each one
His blood was shed
His body was broken
For you

My church
You’re My own bride
Prepared for Me
I clothe you in My glory
For all to see
Stay pure
Be ready
The day will come
I will return to take you home
Home to the Father
To be wed
To Me

You’ll be wed to Me

How you shine for Me

(Paul’s letter to the Ephesians,
1. Chorintians 11.20-26)

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