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No ordinary day

2007 © Kristin Solheim

This is no ordinary day
It’s a day of salvation
This is no ordinary place
It’s the house of God
This is no ordinary church
It’s a building of people
And everywhere I turn
I can see the Lord

Don’t have no ordinary message
It will set you free
Don’t have no ordinary words
We’re talking prophecy
Don’t have no ordinary book
It’s the living Word of God
And everywhere I turn
I can hear the Lord

I see Him in your eyes
I meet Him when you smile
I hear His voice
every time you’re talking
Just turn around and see
You’re in God’s family
We are born again
His body is you and me

We are no ordinary friends
We are the heavenly army
Don’t have no ordinary hands
They can heal the sick
Don’t have no ordinary feet
They are led by the Spirit
And everywhere I turn
I will meet the Lord

Let us demonstrate His kingdom
Live the lives He’s called us to
Let us bring Him all the glory
By who we are
By what we say and do

This is no ordinary day …

(Romans 12)

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